Story of Developer

Discovery after trying tens of thousands of cosmetic products

As a beauty writer, I experienced tens of thousands of the newest cosmetic products. Through which I discovered that the most important skin care is to correctly remove the dirt on your skin.

However, I could not find a makeup remover that I can use everyday and not create a burden on my skin.

I want to easily carry out skin care on busy days

Although oil-based cleanser can effectively remove makeup, it makes the skin dry.However, using soothing milk or gel type cleanser would not remove makeup completely.Hence, I was constantly worried that I could not protect my skin carefully.

However, if we can cleanse and moisturize our skin simultaneously, this could be the basis for skin care. As a result, even if you are exhausted after a day’s work, you can easily maintain this simple act of protecting your skin.When I reached this realization, I thought to myself, “This is the kind of cleansing oil I desire!”

The completion of the sleep-right-after-cleaning cleansing oil

As I presented the product sample to my friends after nearly a year’s experimentation, they all gave positive feedback and wanted to purchase my product. That is when I determined to speed up its commercialization, as I realize I am not the only one who needs products like this.

Other than the effects of a thorough cleanse, I hope you can also feel the differences of your skin texture after using the product.As one does not need to cleanse again after using this cleansing oil, it not only brought beauty to us, but also joy.

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Company Profile

Company Name Anu cosmetics.Inc
CEO Yoko Iwakura
Telephone No. 03–3468−0027
Address 4-6-19 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0042
Date of establishment November 28, 2018
Capital 2,000,000 JPY
Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Japan Post Bank, etc.
Main Customers Swiss Embassy, Lombard Co., Inagora Co., Ltd., etc.
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